Biography Igor Andrianov was born on 28th of February 1959. After graduating from the Art College named after A.G.Venezianov, he took part at different regional and republic art exhibitions. This painter is better known as Igor Shulman — the «trademark name» which he uses to sign his artworks. The artworks by Igor Shulman are being included in many collections of the most famous galleries as well as in private collections. They’re a great decoration of the interiors of many homes and offices in more than 50 countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Australia, Austria, England, China, Japan, Bahrain, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Czech Republic. Igor Shulman’s artworks have been exhibited in over 30 art shows. His life passion expresses itself throughout his art. His artistic point of view has been much influenced by his working experiences — as a dock hand, seeman, builder, truck driver, businessman. Varying Styles Creativity is key for Shulman, who enjoys exploring a range of subject matter and styles in his paintings. He is inspired by a range of art movements and takes fragments from many in order to create something new and entirely unique to him. In many of his works, he paints a bold colourful background that empties the scene of context in order to focus our attention on the figure. Figurative painting, Contemporary Art, Modern Art, NUDE, Portrait Contact details 💭 ✆ + (420) 730-162-369



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