Great news from Igor Shulman: what is going on in May?

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3 min readMay 18, 2021


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Dear friend,

I’m incredibly excited to share with you some tremendous news!

I’ve begun to paint a ballet and thus have released a very interesting post about what I’ve managed to do so far and how I’ve actually come to painting a ballet. Here is the first part of this serie. I’m going to publish the second part very soon. Stay tuned, so you don’t miss anything interesting.

My customers have shared with me some interior works — those are «Another Reality» and «Elena».

Do you know, what «antiglamour» is? I’ve released a great post, dedicated to this topic.

You’ve got a great opportunity to have 10% OFF your entire order. Just use this coupon code: p7rbkt7z. But be aware that it is valid only in May 2021.

If you buy 2 oil paintings, you will get the third painting as a gift. I will choose myself the third masterpiece among all of my artworks. I really hope it will be for you a very pleasant surprise.

Yours sincerely, Igor Shulman

Although the artwork “Chandelier #5. Shining” is already sold out, I have still something interesting for you — this is the “Chandelier #6. Christmas”. It is actually the latest version of the previous artwork, which has already been sold out, but… anyway, I hope you love this version.

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