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Well, I’ve participated in the project of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum. That’s what has come out of this. Read more →

My team has launched a telegram channel which is being used to publish latest and exciting news about the creative work of Igor Shulman, his plans and thoughts.

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Recently I’ve painted a couple of artworks. They’ve never been published, and are intended exclusively for my subscribers. You should definitely see them first!

Be informed, that this offer is still active — buy 2 oil paintings and get the third one for free. If you order two paintings third you will get like a gift. The third painting I choose one from my artworks and put it in the package with your order. I hope this will be a pleasant surprise for you dear customers. I will find a painting for you himself.

Finally, let me share an actual coupon code: 2MS7SRFZ (ended by the end of this month)

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If you need anything, please feel free to give me a shout at info@shulmanart.com

My Latest Oil Paintings

Red Lipstick Oil Painting by Igor Shulman

This is another piece from the endless series called «After the Party», which originated over 10 years ago. I used to number works within one series. As soon as I got confused, I lost the actual count…

Mood #8 Oil Painting by Igor Shulman

I continue the series of feminine moods. All of the previous paintings in this series have already been sold out. This fact allows me to conclude that you really like this series. It is about the dishes. Being more specific, it is about the destruction of…

The Limit of Dreams Oil Painting by Igor Shulman

You seem so grown up to yourself. And you act like an adult. You copy them in everything. You’re trying to become like them. You’re doing pretty well. But the problem is that you don’t see your limit. It seems to…

Limits of Compromise Oil Painting by Igor Shulman

The path to happiness. There is no secret that everybody has their own idea of what happiness really is. That’s quite normal. Everyone reaches happiness via his or her own way. All our life is actually just a road to happiness, isn’t it…

Fucking Winter Oil Painting by Igor Shulman

This is another picture which belongs to the series «Photos» from the trash can. I personally know a couple of people, who really love winter. I guess their winter (mountains, sun, skiing, blinding white and outrageous romance) is a little different from…

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